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2015 Summer Vacation

How'd I let four whole months go by without updating?  Well, pretty easily actually.  I've had a lot of personal things happen during that time period.  But anyhow... here we are in the peak of summer, my favorite season!  
I got to do something this summer that I haven't done before: take a week off work to explore Northern Michigan (unless, of course, you count when I lived there)!  It started with two sets of annual plans:  visiting with Joel's cousins (this year in the Upper Peninsula), and ladies camping in the Sleeping Bear area.  Since they fell on consecutive weekends this time, and my parents live right in the middle, we decided to take the whole week!  Best part of all, this time fell right in the middle of Holga Week.  I was going to shoot with my Holga either way - but having the hashtag has made for great camaraderie online.  I also did an exciting collaboration project - which I will share an article about when it's live!  
So here's my Holga "outtakes" from both trips.  They were all shot on Kodak Portra 400 film.  Most are double-exposures; a few have been converted digitally to Black and White because I do what I want.

Waterfall hike outside of Munising, Michigan

By the docks in Munising, on Lake Superior

Joel on some sand dunes across the street from Grand Sable Lake.  He loved driving on curvy Hwy 58!

Platte River Point, near Frankfort, Michigan

We were obsessed with floating down the Platte River, right by where it meets up with Lake Michigan!

Our spot on the beach, overlooking Sleeping Bear Dunes in the distance

Our campsite was on Lake Ann