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Focus on Detroit

I'm happy to report that our first Focus on the Mission class went splendidly.  I did have to specify a few times that I myself am not a high schooler :)  
The class is primarily about diversity, and we had a lot of great discussion on this topic.  I was especially impressed by how willing the students were to speak up on those touchy subjects us adults seem to shy away from.  
During the day they also completed two photo assignments, using their point-and-shoot cameras with black and white (Ilford XP2) film.  For the first shoot, they worked in pairs to brainstorm a word relating to diversity.  Then they photographed each letter as found naturally occurring - perhaps a tire for the "O" in HOPE, for example.  Later in the day they were paired with a different peer to help each other photograph while blind-folded!  This assignment was all about trust - literally and metaphorically.

The following are images I snapped while walking up and down Historic Oakman Blvd. with the students.  The moodiness of the overcast day really speaks to the struggle of many residents living in an area that is still trying to recover from the collapse of auto manufacturing.  However, Focus Hope serves as an invaluable resource to this community.  I can't wait to be inspired by our next class!